bx to romex ?


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bx to romex ?

I have an existing bx line coming in to a ceiling light. I'd like to add highhats and use romex coming out of the existing box.

Can BX cable be changed to romex at box ? Or do I have to trace the BX back to the source and replace all of it ? I'd like to understand why as well if someone can explain it.

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Originally Posted by Scott_K
Can BX cable be changed to romex at a box?
Yes. Why?

Check your local code. AC or MC might be required.
Using NM could limit you if you want to add another story (storey) to your house.

If my house were all AC, I would endeavor to keep it that way.
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You guys might want to follow up on this as to the different types and how the grounding works. I just got done replacing all of the old BX in the other side of my duplex with new Romex 12-2, and plan to do my side next. In my case, the house was built in `48, and it had the old type of BX with no ground wire or grounding shunt. I learned here that the metal boxes are grounded by the metal shell of the cable being securely clamped to the box. Much of my cable was in poor condition over there, and many of the boxes weren't properly clamped or sometimes not at all. I was told that the type of stuff I had has caused many house fires.

Do you know what type of BX you have, or when it was put in?
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Thanks for the responses.

Let me provide a little more background. From what I was told, the code allows both AC (BX) and NM (romex). Last year, we had the house dormered and all of the second floor was run with new NM to new breakers. Panel was also upgraded from 100 to a 200 amp service. So I do have both AC and NM running in the house. Original AC on the first floor and basement, second floor all NM.

The house was built in the 1943, and from the looks of it, it is the BX that does not have a grounding wire, only the metal sheathing. So I'm a little lost on the grounding as well. All of the original BX cable uses metal boxes which are clamped. The BX cable is also in pretty poor condition. Some connections where the wire nut is taped together are pretty brittle.

I have the "Wiring Simplified. 41st Edition", so I'm still learning from that as well. The more I learn, the more I'm inclined to replace the AC, even if it is more work.

Thanks again for your help,

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