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Well pump

Is it possible to somehow install a 110 circuit in my well house. It has 220 from 10-2 wire. I want to install one light and one outlet. The well is pretty far from my main panel. I recall using step down transformers when I lived in England for my US appliances. Is that a possibility ? Is there another way ?
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To do what you want you need to replace the wire from the main panel to the well house and put a sub panel in the well house.

The 10-2 wire has no neutral, so you cannot get 120 from it. Besides, it is only carrying enough power for the pump.
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The step down transformer would probably work. You would have to manage your power carefully. Receptacles don't use any power until you plug something in, so it depends on whether you're plugging in a clock or a vacuum cleaner. You'd probably also need to install overcurrent protection on the 120-volt side of the transformer.

There might be some other code issues involved. Perhaps someone else can comment.
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Originally Posted by gapackfanz
I want to install one light and one outlet.
The light is easy to do. Why do you need an outlet?

Did you direct bury your pump cable?
Next time use cheap utility grade 1" PE waterline as conduit and you can replace the wire anytime.
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Installing a new supply cable to the shed is _probably_ the simplest and best approach. Using a transformer is certainly _possible_, however there are a bunch of issues that you will need to deal with.

1) You will need to do a load calculation, to determine that the current wiring can support both the well pump and the new loads. What is the HP rating of the pump, and what is the breaker size feeding the circuit. Ideally, what would you install at this location. Do you just want a light and receptacle to use when working on the pump, or do you want a receptacle to run stuff out in your yard on a regular basis. What do you want to run? I wouldn't bother with any of the other issues prior to checking this out.

2) There are exception to disconnect and grounding requirements when a _single_ circuit is run to a detached building. If you add a larger cable, or add a transformer, you might bump over the threshold and have to install a panel and grounding system at the well house. Grounding is probably not an issue, as the well casing is probably a good grounding electrode.


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