Dryer (permanent wiring)


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Dryer (permanent wiring)

When we moved into our current residence there was a brand-new, unused dryer in the basement along with the old one that was hooked up and working. The old one finally kicked the bucket and I would like to hook up the previously unused one. However, there are no instructions.

There circuit is on a 30amp dual pole breaker.
The wire is a 4-wire connection (red, black, white and bare copper) with plain ends.

I turned the power off at the breaker.
Since the connection will be "permanent" I have taken the 3-wire pigtail off of the new dryer.

The neutral and two hots I don't have any question about - it's obvious by the terminal blocks layout on the dryer (image below).

The dryer currently has a ground strap (green wire) connected to the dryer case.

My question is about the ground. Do I ..
A) leave the green wire connected to the case, hook up the neutral and two hots and leave the bare copper ground from the power source unconnected?

B) disconnect the green wire from the case - connect it to the neutral on the terminal block - and leave the bare metal from power source not hooked up?

C) disconnect the green wire from the case (and leave unconnected) and hook the bare metal ground from power source to the case ?

This is the first time I've had to deal with anything other than a ceiling light or light switch. Any help is appreciated.

<a href="http://img221.imageshack.us/my.php?image=p10100090vf.jpg"><img src="http://img221.imageshack.us/img221/4637/p10100090vf.th.jpg"></a>
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You don't hardwire a dryer. Install a four terminal dryer receptacle. Buy a four wire cord and plug for the dryer. Follow the dryer instructions for connecting the four wire cord and plug to the dryer. You can get dryer instructions from the manufacturer, usually via their web site.

Do not attempt to hardwire this dryer.

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