Exhaust fan bathroom


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Question Exhaust fan bathroom

Hi, my house is 20 yrs old and the upstairs bathroom and ensuite do not have exhaust fans. The bathroom is 10 x 6' (bathtub with shower) and the ensuite is approx. 12 x 9' (jacuzzi bathtub and stand up shower).

I would like to get exhaust fans installed in each - access to the attic is not a problem. Can anyone please tell me roughly what this might cost for a licensed electrician to do? I live just outside Toronto and would like a ballpark idea before I get estimates.

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Not sure what it would cost, but I'm assuming you'll have to have a new wire run to a switch if the baths are without fans. Costs seem to vary a lot at different locations. I was quoted $100 to add a light to a closet ! I'd also advise a timer switch so that you can run the fan after a shower, etc. to help ventilate the moisture properly.

I had 3 Nutone fans installed last year. They seem like the bare minimum. Maybe $30 fans..not sure. I think they're about 50 CFM and a high sone like 4 (so they're pretty loud). In my area (and I think in a lot of areas) you have to have a fan per bath for code. Also, for a given amount of square footage, you should have a certain CFM level. Sone level is just preference. I didn't give it any thought when they were installing it and found out too late.

I've been looking into the Panasonic Whisper fans. They are pricey, but are pretty effective and quiet (friends have them installed). If you have a bath that's 12 x 9, you may want to look into one.

So just some food for thought on what to look for as far as the function of a fan and whether or not the cost includes a fan provided by the electrician or by the owner.

Hope this helps,
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Exhaust fan bathroom

Thanks! It certainly does!

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You might want to consider one in-line fan with two inlet grilles. They are very quiet and rugged. one brand that comes to mind is fantech (www.fantech.net), and I think Broan and Nutone have versions too.
I have installed these with excellent results.
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I'll agree with Andrew, although 'ensuite' is a new word for my vocabulary.

I've got a Fantech RE-6 on the roof with a 6x4x4 tee and then two 4" insulated flex ducts to backdraft dampers and grilles in the ceilings. A simple infinite fan control sets the CFM. Working great for about five years, very quiet.
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Exhaust fan - bathroom

Thanks again!
p.s. 'ensuite' = bathroom off the master bedroom
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Be sure to duct the fans to the exterior, not just into the attic. Otherwise the warm , moist air will condense on the rafters, freeze, and eventually cause midew and rot.
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If you have a ceiling light, you may be able to replace it with a light/fan combo. I just purchased one by NuTone for my basement bathroom (about $80US). It is 80 CFM (don't recall sone) and seems to work well. This way you wouldn't have to run a new circuit into the bathroom.

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