New Construction - Where to make sure I have outlets


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New Construction - Where to make sure I have outlets

New Poster so hi and thanks for the help. I am buying a new home that is starting construction in April. I am trying to decide where to place additional electrical outlets in addition to standard? Lookign at having a pool and spa in the backyard in future. Thanks
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Think about where you will have computers hooked up, as well as home theatre gear. You want to avoid using extension cords except for temporary use, and those are two things that commonly make people reach for one.

Also outdoors (think electric trimmers, Christmas lights, etc) and the garage/shop. My parents just bought a new house and they ended up with 2 receptacles in the garage - a simplex (dedicated for a freezer), and a duplex (half of which was immediately consumed by the timer for the automatic sprinkler system). They are having the builders install additional outlets now, for shop lights, radios, power tools, etc.
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Originally Posted by walter_hedingly
Lookign at having a pool and spa in the backyard in future.
These items are hard to plan ahead for, because each brand and model has slightly different requirements; none of which are trivial. The best plan you can have for a future spa or pool is to have a good-sized conduit installed from the main panel to a location near the planned spa/pool. I would suggest 1-1/4" PVC. With a conduit, you will be able to pull in the correct wires when the time comes without any damage to your interior walls or ceilings.

Also, factor in the spa when computing the service size; a 200A service is probably appropriate in this case. What is the square footage of the home? Actually, I see no reason to install less than a 200A in new construction.

I would also consider installing a conduit from the main panel to the attic. You don't know what you'll want on the second floor in the future, and having a conduit is a heck of a lot easier than fishing down two stories and cutting out drywall. A 1/2" EMT would be perfect for this.

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