200 amp Load Center breaker got wet


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200 amp Load Center breaker got wet

During rough in, the concrete cutters coring a 3" hole with a wet saw got water and concrete sludge in my load center which was already installed on the basement wall. Electricity has not been installed yet. It looks like about 1/2 gallon of water poured over it. Switching the load center main circuit on and off, I can feel that there is some grit inside. The other load center next to it did not get any water in it and switching on and off feels very "clean".

This may be a dumb question but, do you think I should replace the load center main circuit breaker? I think I can clean out the dried up sludge from the rest of the load center, but I'm wondering about the breaker.

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I definitely would not trust a breaker with grit in it. Replace it.
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I'd replace everything that go wet, the 200A breaker, the load center and all the breakers. I would then back charge the cost + labor to the concrete cutters, they should have had the common sense to check what was under them before they drilled and then taken every available means to prevent damage to the load center.

Just my 2 cents,

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Definitely go after the people who damaged the panel.
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The issue of wet electrical equipment has been in the forefront since Katrina. In all cases, the recommendation of manufacturers is that any appliance or device or circuit breaker which has been flooded MUST be replaced. Even though it can be dried out and may appear to function, hidden corrosion and contamination is certain to cause very bad future problems. This is a real safety issue, and you really answered your own question. That cement dust inside can only lead to a BAD outcome!

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