Help with wiring motion sensor


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Help with wiring motion sensor

I am trying to replace a double floodlight with a motion sensor floodlight, and I have it all mounted, but the motion sensor will not shut off the light...what have I done wrong?
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Make sure the wiring is like this...
Incoming power (probably black) connects to black wire on sensor. Red wire from sensor connects to both black wires from lights. All whites connected together.
That should do it
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the motion sensor turns on the light then after a certain amount of time(adjustable with a switch on the unit) with no motion it will go off. did you wire it according to the directions. there may also be a test, auto switch and if you flip the light switch on-off this may toggle it between auto and manual. look in the owners manual for more on this. also as andrew said make sure the line is wired thru the sensor and its not being bypassed.

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[repeat of tach deleted]

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