Portion of circuit dead


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Portion of circuit dead

I've got two rooms in my basement and are both on the same circuit. I'll name them room 1 and room 2...the circuit box is located in room 1 and none of the light switches or electrical outlets are working in that room, in room 2 everything but one outlet IS working. This outlet is located closest to room 1 out of all of the other outlets. I assumed that this outlet was the point of failure so I replaced it, but that didn't fix the problem. The weird thing is that the outlets and switches closest to the circuit box don't work, and the ones furthest away do.

Any ideas/suggestions on how to track down the cause?

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Your problem is an open connection. The problem could be an open hot wire or an open neutral wire. The problem cold be at a receptacle or switch. It could be at a non-working receptacle, or it could be at a working receptacle.

The problem will be at the last working junction box or the first non-working junction box on the circuit, but since you don't know how the circuit was laid out you can't be sure which junction box this is.

Blindly replacing a receptacle without knowing what the problem was was a waste of time and money. Fortunately receptacles are inexpensive.

Use a plug in tester or a two wire tester and see what it tells you.
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These aren't protected by a GFCI receptacle anywhere, are they? Maybe in a bathroom or garage, or something? Racraft's diagnosis is probably the correct one, but this may be worth making sure.
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It was a shot in the dark on the receptacle, but I wasn't completely barking up the wrong tree...besides, with my limited knowledge and the cost of calling in an electrician, definitely worth a shot. I'll take a look at the receptacle that I THINK is the one prior to the one circuit that I replaced that's no working and see if any loose or diconnected wires.

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Bac to Mac, Have you also made sure there are NO GFCI recepticals around? Some people do weird things. My house (wich I did not wire, But have corrected) the guy hit an outside rec. 1st THEN continued to the garage ,basement then bathrooms. Talk about strange!

So check the obviouse first, and take it from there. Good luck

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