Torque for 2/0 copper wire in Meter box


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Torque for 2/0 copper wire in Meter box

What is the proper torque for 2/0 copper wire in a meter box and load center? Thanks
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should be on an info sheet stuck to the panel or meter.
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I looked but I didn't see it. I remember seeing a sticker or paper in the load center that says something to the affect of "See guide for proper torque", but again, I couldn't find anything. Is it stamped in the metal case or perhaps on the back? Thanks
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What brand of panel is it?
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Torques tend to be pretty low on small wires, perhaps only 50 in-lb for the lugs you are talking about.
My local inspector considers these minimums.
His rule is that if he checks it, he better not be able to get it any tighter than what I had it.

This assumes, of course, a straight driver, not a rachet wrench or breaker bar.
Unless you have arthritis, you will get it tight enough with a straight driver.
I always lubricate the threads with a no-ox compound.

Of course the wires must refuse to be yanked out, or that is a failure.

For larger conductors (e.g., 250 in-lb), I do use a wrench.
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Like Bolide says, about 50 inch pounds is standard. Our local power company guy carries a mini-torque wrench in his truck, so when he gets ready to make it hot, he double checks it. Our inspector just usually pulls on the cables and checks for an abundant supply of NOALOX, which is OK, but I appreciate the extra step the power company guy goes to.
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It is a Siemens Ultimate Load Center 200 amp 40 spaces. I don't have the model number with me. I'm using copper wire. Are the lugs aluminum and do they need the anti-oxident coating? Thanks
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> I'm using copper wire.

Is it indoors?

> Are the lugs aluminum?


> do they need the anti-oxidant coating?

It is not required.
I always put it on the threads of large lugs to reduce friction.
This way the torque I apply goes mainly to grabbing the wires, not to binding the threads.

I use compound on all entrance conductors that are aluminum or are located outside or both.

It's not just a coating. It needs to be worked into the strands under pressure especially for aluminum.
Technically it is not needed on copper. But it is an ounce of prevention that means my installation won't look nasty green later on if water gets in, someone sprays a bee nest, or whatever.

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