Installing a Combo GFCI/Light Switch


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Installing a Combo GFCI/Light Switch

I wanted replace a bathroom light switch with a combo switch/GFCI. There is only on pair (14/2) of wires going into the switch. At the light, there are 2 pairs so I imagine that the power is at the light in a serial connection. So the wiring is as follows:

Black wire connects to black wire at light.
White wire from light connects to white wire that goes to switch, but I'm thinking this is still hot.
Black wire from switch connects to white wire back to the junction box where light is.

I have gotten the light to work, but I can not get the GFCI plug to work.

Any help would be appreciated.
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You have a switch loop. You can not make this work with the wires you have now. You need a netural wire along with the hot wire to make the GFCI work. You can make this work if you want to pull a new cable from the light to the switch.

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Do not use the term serial when referring to your wiring. It will only serve to confuse you and others.

As jbfan posted, you have a switch loop (and it sounds incorrect at that) which you cannot use as both a switch loop and a power run for a dedicated receptacle. Run a new cable if you want both.

As for the switch loop, is the wiring you described as it was before you started, or as it is now that you have changed it?
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You won't get it to work. Like already stated you don't enough wires.
You also have a hazardous setup the way it is wired now. You are switching the neutral wire.

It should be like this.
At the light.
Connect power white to light white.
Connect power black to switch white. Color switch white wire black with marker or tape.
Connect switch black to light black.

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