Wiring around CPVC pipes?


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Wiring around CPVC pipes?

Hello everyone and thank you again for all of your assistance.

I tried searching the forum for this answer but couldn't find it so I am sorry for doubling up if it has already been answered.

I have 2x6 load baring walls in my basement that the builder put in seperating my future bathroom from my future laundry room. I have an already installed laundry tub and and the builder used what I think is CPVC. Basically plumbing rated white PVC I think. Anyway, I have a drain pipe, hot and cold water feeds for the tub and was wondering if it is ok to "pull" my electrical wires inbeteeen the pipes. Yes, the wiring would touch the pipes. Or, should I run the wire all the way up the 2x6 stud and up to the top plate, skip the "section" where the pipes are then run it back down on the other side of the 2x6 stud to continue the run. I hope I explained this properly. Anyway, I have already run all my electrical and am kind of inspecting my own work before the inspector shows up. I guess I could call him but hey, you guys/gals always have an answer. Thank you, Pat
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It's okay.
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Thank you.

I will indeed. Getting pretty close to being done with all pre-sheetrock tasks. Just plumbing now but I know my limitations. Hire an expert. Thanks again,

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I hope that the white PVC pipe is only for the drain and not for the supply lines. CPVC is a yellow color. Regular PVC is not allowed for supply lines inside the house. At most it might be used for a water main into the house or sprinklers, not potable and definitely not hot water. PVC gives off nasty chemicals when heated, CPVC does not.

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