Can Lighting Questions


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Can Lighting Questions

My room is wired with 12 gauge wire. My can lights state on the side maximums 14 in box. what do i need to do. Do i need to put a junction box aside from the cans junction box converting my 12 gauge to 14 gauge.
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That's the first time I've heard of this. I've done my fair share of recessed lighting, but then again, I probably don't read the instructions, either...

What's the exact wording? Does it have a built-in push-in connnector for the wire or something else that would need a specific wire size? #14 is certainly easier to push around inside the box, but I've never seen #12 disallowed before by the instructions.

Hopefully, one of the more experienced residential guys will have seen this before.
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You absolutely cannot use any 14 gage wire if this is a 20 amp circuit. Even if it is a 15 amp circuit I would advise against 14 gage wire if everything else is 12.

Are you sure that it states you can use nothing larger (smaller gage) than 14? Does it perhaps list the maximum number of 14 gage wires you can connect?
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I assume that you have misinterpreted what the can says. I'm sure it's telling you how many wires you can use if you use #14 wire. It's surely not telling you that you must use #14 wire.

As others have stated, you cannot use #14 on this circuit if the breaker is 20 amps.
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Wording on Box

Maximum of (6) NO. 14 AWG through branch circutit conductor suitable for 90 degrees C premitted in box. AC only
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Then my assumption from my prior post was correct.
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Originally Posted by kn1mhos1
Maximum of (6) NO. 14 AWG through branch circuit conductor
You are allowed 6 branch circuit conductors in the can if they are 14 AWG, perhaps only 5 if they are 12 AWG.

It does not say "Branch circuit conductors shall not be larger than 14 AWG" (that would be silly).
Was it made in China?

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