GFCI electrical question (Hot tub)


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GFCI electrical question (Hot tub)

I am trying to wire a hot tub and given that it's not working, I'm obviously doing something wrong...

From the GFCI to the spa, I have two blacks (Live), white (neutral), and green (ground)... the Spa pack has 5 possible slots - the top is uncovered copper ground, second is Red, third is White, fourth is Blue, and the fifth is open.

I tried the following wiring and with no luck:

on Spa: from GFCI:

Copper - Green
Red - Black
White - White
Blue - Black
Skip - None

Any thoughts?
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What do the directions for the hot tub specify. If you don't have them, get them. They are probably available on-line, or at least by contacting thr manufacturer.

It is never a good idea to guess. Electricity can kill.

Are you also certain that you really and truly have 240 volts going to the unit?
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you say two blacks are live? as racraft said do you have 240 volts between them and 120 volts from each hot to neutral. you must follow the manufacturers directions or follow a wiring diagram that came with the unit. what made you try the terminations you described? just a guess at it or something else? Is there a diagram on one of the access panels? What name and model number is the tub?
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There is a good chance the neutral connections at your GFCI breaker and/or subpanel are wrong which would cause the GFCI to trip instantly or to not reset. Please post how your GFCI breaker is wired up and also the details of the subpanel if applicable.

Perhaps one of the slots is for landing your #8 solid bonding wire?

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