20 A breaker on 15 A circuit


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20 A breaker on 15 A circuit

I got an old house transformed from 1 to two family, in which I keep finding "funny" things, especially in the electrical department. When I got the house I did a survey of all the outlets/appliances, I drew on paper the circuits, connected to two service panels (both 100). I wanted to run a switch in a closed and a wall outlet. The only place to tap in was an older wall outlet. I teared down portion of the plaster wall, run my BX 12/2 (because on the service panel the breaker was 20 A) and when I was about to splice them I noticed (you can see that I am a novice) that the old bx to which I wanted to connect to was 15 amps. I looked on the panel and now I noticed that to the 20 amps breaker was connected a 15 amps wire. What options I have, because to change all the wires to 20 amps would mean to tear down probably the whole house. That old circuit is for 1 apartment for all lights. I did not add up the usage but I think is under 1400 w. What should I do to fix the problem? Just change the breaker to 15 amps? Also can I leave my new 12/2 bx that connects to the old 14/2 now that I already install it? Thank you so much.

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YES, Change the 20A breaker / fuse ,to a 15 Amp. Bigger wire is ok, Bigger breaker/fuse is NOT.
From the load you describe, you'r about 11 amps now so consider the ckt. full, and don't add more to it.

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