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New Circuit Question

I plan to run a new circuit this weekend to a room that I've been doing some remodeling in. I already have all of the wiring done in the room with the cable in the attic ready to drop to the panel. But before I make the connection to the panel, I want to add one more receptacle in the finished garage. It occurs to me there are two ways to do it. I could either run the cable from the panel to the attic, down a wall to the new receptacle, and continue the run from there (back up the wall to the attic and then on the remodeled room) or, alternatively, I could install a junction box in the attic and just drop one line down the wall to the receptacle. Are both methods legal and does method offer any advantages over the other? An extra five feet of cable is probably cheaper than a junction box, but that's fairly insignificant. Installing a junction box would allow for easier additions to the circuit later if the need arises, and there's plenty of room left on the circuit. Any thoughts?
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Either method is legal, provided that the junction box remains permanently accessible and that no junction boxes are overfilled. You could also run both cables to the panel and either attach both directly to the breaker (if the breaker allows two connections) or use a wire nut and pigtail to the breaker.

However, I would do none of the above. I would not put a garage receptacle on the same circuit as an interior room. You never know what you or someone else will do i the garage, and a heavy load on that circuit will dim lights and cause a momentary voltage drop to other items on the circuit. My advice is to in stall two new circuits, one for the new room and one for the garage.

Don;t forget that the garage receptacle needs GFCI protection.

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