Transfer Panel one more time (Sorry!)


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Transfer Panel one more time (Sorry!)

The transer panel I purchased has a 60 amp doule pole breaker on the utility side; the instructions are telling me to purchase another 60 amp double pole breaker for the main service to feed the transfer panel.

Not being an electrician, it seems odd to me to use a breaker to feed another breaker......I've seen this on A/C service too where there is a two-pole, 30 amp breaker in the main panel that feeds another two-pole, 30 amp breaker mounted in an outdoor box near the A/C condensing unit.

Is this considered "Double" protection? Is it okay.... It must be okay to do it on the transfer panel, I can't imagine a company like Gen/Tran giving wrong installation info!
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The transfer panel you bought is a sub panel. You need to provide wire from your main panel to the transfer switch. You do this via a circuit breaker in your main panel. The circuit breaker in your main panel protects the wire going from the main panel to the sub panel.

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