basement wiring


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basement wiring

I am finishing my basement, few questions about wiring, how many receptacles I can have on a single 20 amp circuit, and do basement receptacles, not for a kitchen or bathroom, have to be GFI.same question for the lights, how many light outlets can I have on one 20 amp circuit, is there any code limit or you go by the total amperage. now if you have 20 amp circuit, what is the maximum amperage you can put on that circuit.

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Code does not specify a max # of recepticals on a circuit. Generally, 8-12 is pretty typical, but it depends on how you plan to use the circuit(s). If you will plug in space heaters or other high draw items, plan multiple circuits. If you plan to have sensitive electronics, like a computer, provide dedicated circuit(s) for them.

GFCI protection is required in unfinished areas of basements.

For the lights, go by the potential load...Consider what the MAX draw will be for each fixture. Assume all the lights will be on at once...Better to over estimate and have overhead than underestimate and trip breakers.

When designing a circuit, consider it maxed out when at 80% of breaker rating...That would be 16A on a 20A breaker.

Go with one or two more circuits than you think you need...its easier now than later.

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