Want to make a switch/outlet in bathroom


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Want to make a switch/outlet in bathroom

I have two boys who need to use the bathroom at night. Problem is we don't have an outlet in the bathroom. We do have a switch that I thought I could turn into a combination switch recepticle (gfci). But when I took the switchplate off there were only two wires (is this an end of the run-is the power going through the light sconces first?) What are my options? Do I need to rewire or is there an easy solution. Thanks for the help.

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You have a switch loop at the switch. You have no neutral at the switch.

The code compliant way to add a receptacle, and the best plan of action, is to add a new 20 amp circuit from your panel to the bathroom.
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Originally Posted by Dannyzk
I have two boys who need to use the bathroom at night. ...

What are my options? Do I need to rewire or is there an easy solution. Thanks for the help.

So you need a nightlight?

Since you have no neutral at the switch, you should have unswitched power available at the light fixture. I've seen plenty of old bathrooms with a small nightlight built in to a wall-mounted main fixture. It would just have a toggle switch to operate it independently of the main light, or if conditions permit I suppose you could even use a photocell.

Alternately, if a GFCI can be placed somewhere upstream, you could get a fixture with a convenience outlet on the light fixture, if those are still manufactured. Maybe someone is making a fixture with a GFCI built-in, too. Then you could just plug in your nightlight there. The issue with this approach is to make sure that the location and amperage of an added receptacle meets code. Respectively that means within 36" of the outside edge of the basin, on an adjacent wall, and 20 amperes.

Since you don't have an outlet in the bathroom, assume the wiring is old with brittle insulation, so shut off the breaker or remove the fuse and be very gentle if you remove the old fixture.
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maybe try this trick but i dont know if you willing to do this or not depending on the house and your skill here .

i do know i will say " most " not all bathroom mirror is attached to the wall and some older home have old fashion medice cabent if have it there is one trick is remove the med cabient and run new 14-3 or 12-3 wire and run to the switch box you may have to change box to two gang other wise you can use the single gang box and few GFCI repectiles have combation switch and outlet [ they are not cheap btw] use the white wire for netrual and black for consant hot [ that will tied up to the gfci device from there you make a jumper to switch then use the red wire for running to the lumiaiare

Keep in your mind this will work great with old medice cabients but for flat mirror it will be diffrent way please do post it here myself or other members will help you with this guide here


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