Help! - home electrical problem


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Help! - home electrical problem

Hello electical people!

Last night, my wife went upstairs, turned on the bathroom light, which flashed and then went dead. She thought it was a dead bulb until she tried a night light in the same room - dead, Went to the adjoining bathroom, no power there either, as well as in an adjoining bedroom. Must have tripped a breaker, I thought. Went downstairs to the breaker panel and I didn't find any that were tripped. Just for fun I turned the appropriate breaker off and back on, but still no power to those rooms. What can I do to troubleshoot this?


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Could be a tripped gfci. The last breath of life in the light burning out could have tripped it. If this house is older look for a GFCI receptacle in any other bathrooms, the garage or even outside. It is often in the garage behind the pile of boxes.
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There is a GFCI in that bathroom. I have tried both the reset and the test buttons, with no apparant response. The house is just under 30 years old and unfortunately was built when copper prices were very high so some builders switched to aluminum wiring. The majority of our house is aluminum, except for remodeling and additions, for which copper was used. I have never seen a GFCI in the house except for the ones we have installed during remodeling.
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If your house is aluminum wiring, then call an electrician. Make sure you get one very familiar with aluminum wiring. You have an open circuit. Do not attempt to find this yourself.

When the electrician is making the repair, have him or her thoroughly inspect the wiring. One loose connection means there may be more. You need this fixed.

Aluminum wiring, specifically failing connections, can lead to fires. Fires can lead to death.
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Turned out to be a faulty light switch. Replaced it (with a CU/ALR switch, of course) and now all is fine. Don't worry, I don't do anything major without calling an electrician (especially because of the aluminum wiring).

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