Under Ground Wiring


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Under Ground Wiring

To give a little background. Around my house I fortunately have a nice foundation drainage system that empties into a type of water well pit in an outside doorway stairwell (basement doorway). The well does not exit anywheres else and is not very big (3 foot high by 12 inches diameter. When it rains and/or snow melts, this well fills up very quickly from the ground water. If l do not pump it out , basement floods as the ground water will become high enough to seep through cracks in concrete floor. Fortunately the system works and access exists for me to get the the water out. Therefore, I have a submersible pump to keep the water out and of course out of the house.

The problem is this. I plug the pump into a typical outside outlet (GFI) with extension cord that is part of some zone in the house. Every so often it trips and of course the water rises. Fortunately we have caught it and reset the GFI and restart the pumping. As per pump instructions, it indicates the pump to be on a dedicated line. When finishing a the basement we added a subpanel that does have extra slots that I can do this. I will have to punch a hole through the wall, run whatever under ground to and setup another outlet closer to where the pump is.

What do I need to run e;ectrical wire underground, do I need special electrical wire (or just yellow), what conduit type do I need to use (metal or plastic)? The wire can be continuous to the pump location. Can I get all these materials at a Home Depot or Lowes?

Thanks in advance for suggestions and assistance.
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Do not rely on wire color for anything. Different manufacturers use different colors on their wire.

You already know this, but you should not be using extension cords. Plan on placing the receptacle close enough to the pump so you do not need an extension cord.

If at all possible, I recommend placing the receptacle on the side of the house. If you can do this, then no underground wiring is needed.

Underground wiring can be either UF cable (UF stands for underground feeder), which is direct burial, or you can use individual wires in conduit. PVC may be used underground. The depth of the PVC or cable depends on the type of wiring used.

Many of these answers depend on local codes, so make sure you know of them.
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Thanks for quick response. Follow-up question. Is UF type wiring common at home centers?
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In a word, Yes.
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Thanks for the feedback. Just returned from Home Depot and know what I need to get and do now.

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