two dead outlets


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two dead outlets

I have two outlets on the top of my mantle and the tester indicated that they were not properly grounded. The line has a number of outlets, including the fridge, and one that I run the home entertaiment center from. One of the outlets was a standard two wire; the other was a four wire. So, I replaced the outlets, grounded them to the box (yes, the line is grounded), and then when I turned the power off to check, there was no current running to the outlets anymore. I disconnected the outlets and checked again, using a tester on the bare wires, and nothing. The other outlets on this line are working fine. Any suggestions would be appreciated. It's a 1927 home, 100amp service. The system is grounded. Thanks in advance! Richard
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You have an open. Check all the receptacles on the circuit.

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