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Wiring question

I currently have 6 110v outlets wired into 2 15amp breakers. My question is can I get a 30 amp breaker and wire all 6 to this breaker? I want to add another 15amp breaker and there is no room that is why I would like to do this. Thank you
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No you can't use a 30A breaker like that. If those recepticles are divided into seperate circuits (no shared nuetral), you can get single pole slim breakers. They are also called half size breakers. Lowes sells these half size breakers where two of them are put together into a normal sized breaker. They'll have little half size switches. When you go take your old breaker so they can give you the right one.

Sometimes recepticles like you mentioned are wired using a 3 wire cable and a common nuetral. Those use double pole breakers, (ones with a bar across two switches I think), but I'm not quite sure since I've avoided doing that. I think they also sell double pole slim breakers, but thats really beyond my experience.
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Give us the make/model of your panel or breakers (that fit properly) that you have now and we'll tell you what your options are. DO NOT swap breakers for larger ones.

Two-pole tandem breakers are available but you may be able to swap other breakers also for single-pole tandems. Can you host a picture of your panel guts for us, and tell us exactly what you need?
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First, in branch circuits like this, I believe you are not permitted to use 2 parallel wires to make up the ampacity of the breaker. Too much likelihood that the load would not divide evenly.

Second, and more important, this would be a big NO-NO because you would have a 30 amp breaker protecting receptacles and loads which are rated at 15 amps.
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While you can't increase the circuit breaker to 30 amps (unless you want to burn your house down), what you can do is to attach both wires to the same 15 amp breaker. You would do this by attaching them both to the breaker if the breaker can accept two wires, or by using a wire nut and a pigtail to the breaker.

What this would do is free up a breaker space that you seem to want and place the six receptacles on the same circuit. However, if the circuits are heavily used then you will most certainly have a problem with the breaker tripping, so only do this if the circuits are general purpose and NOT heavily used.

The most appropriate solution, as several have suggested, is to use a tandem breaker if your panel accepts them.

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