Houshold circuit problem ?


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Houshold circuit problem ?

I have two identical electric space heaters which are only a few months old. They have both had the same problem when plugged into a particular outlet in my home. While sitting idle, but plugged in, a strong electrical burning smell was observed...no smoke or actual fire...just the smell like melted plastic. Could this be the outlet, or the entire circuit...is something going on with my circuit breaker panel etc....? The only other things we currently run on this circuit are some light fixtures...they seem to be fine, but aren't lights somewhat tolerant of voltage flucuations ? I have turned off the circuit in question at the panel just in case.
Thanks for any help.
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Remove the receptacle and inspect the wiring. It sounds like you might have a loose connection that is overheating. It is odd that you notice the smell with the heaters off. I would expect a problem with then on.
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> It is odd that you notice the smell with the heaters off.
> I would expect a problem with them on.

When a heater is on, it circulates the air, and might make an odor of its own.


Remove the outlet cover.
Unscrew and pull out the receptacle.
Inspect it to rule out backstabbed wire or any loose connections or any sort of physical damage.
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These heaters are new (as you stated). How often have you used them? Is this maybe the 1st or 2nd time? You will get a "burning " smell from new heaters (regardless of what type). Before you go and rewire your house, Try them in a different location, and see if the smell goes with them. Most likely they do need "burn" in time.

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