Honda Generator upgrade question


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Honda Generator upgrade question

I have an out-of-warranty Honda EX4500 fully enclosed backup generator. It has an 11 HP GX340 engine, with 4000 watt continuous/4500 watts surge output. Every other GX340 engined Honda generator has 500 watts more continuous and surge capability. I assume that the EX4500's output has been toned down to avoid overheating, but I need the extra wattage and can add a fan and louvers to ventilate if necessary. Some have said that only the regulator and circuit breaker need to be changed, while others have said that the crank would need to be changed along with the whole generator end-cap.

Question: can I retrofit OEM electrical parts to regain the extra wattage, and if so, what parts? Please ring in only if you know, as I don't want to experiment with an expensive engine and generator unit. And for those who feel compelled to say "if Honda had wanted the extra output they would have built it in", I just saved you a post!
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Only Honda will KNOW.

There are several possibilities, including that the unit rated 4500 continuous was actually the identical unit, but they found out it didn't hold up and they down-rated it.

The odds that there is any change you could make are low. But again, only Honda can tell you.
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Originally Posted by 594tough
...But again, only Honda can tell you.
To the contrary, Honda won't tell me. That's why I posted here. Their global policy is not to sanction any modifications whatsoever, and that includes providing helpful information to potential "modifiers".

Again, the generator is out-of-warranty, and I'm approaching this with eyes open and with concern for safety. Anyone else?
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If you want to look at this from the energy point of view, 500W = 2/3 HP. If the modifications can make the engine deliver an extra 2/3 HP without overheating then you are probably all set. I suspect you can change just the regulator; maybe even without changing the breakers. It depends on how the receptacles are configured and how you use them.

Only Honda will know, but it is likely they downrated your particular model to perhaps offer a longer warranty or quieter operation. It's not unreasonable that 10% higher load results in 10% shorter life.

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