Dead light fixture?


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Dead light fixture?

In our new house, we have a light fixture that doesn't work. We don't think it is dead bulbs (2 at once?). I will be checking the bulbs shortly this evening.

I bought a very cheap/basic live circuit tester from Home Depot just to see if it is a live outlet.

If not, what steps should I take to diagnose the short in the system and repair it
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See my headache post on this page. I hope I could see through walls. There is a kind of "magic pen" that can be used to detect live wire. But you have to put it very close to the wire to get the sound. It is impossible to use that from outside the wall.
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there is other possiblty is the switch can go bad as well too.

if you swap the light bulbs and the lumiaire [ light fixure ] fail to come on for some reason next step is find a switch to control this lumiaire before you start mess around with the switch make sure you TURN OFF THE POWER FIRST then you can remove the switch after you mark the wires where it goes if single pole it pretty easy to mark it but if multi locatcion switch like 3 or 4 way switch you have to mark it and make a note of " common " screw useally black or darker colour screw there.

if switch is replaced and fail to come on then kill the power again and look at the lumiaire you may have to pull it off from ceiling but be well aware the wire can be very brittle from so much heat it cook up the wire covering if so you may try to retape it but genally end up resplice new wires [ if you can get in attic that great but if not it will be tough will explain later step ]

right now just do the bulb first then switch if power still off then you may have to find lumiaire wires can go bad or wall repectales can get loosen up over the time as well

if need more question please do post back here

Merci , Marc

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