new ceiling light doesnt work


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new ceiling light doesnt work

we bought a new ceiling light fixture and try to install it. Before we installed it, my mom took the old light fixture off, so i never get to see how the wires were connected. So i follow the instruction on the manufacture manual of the new light fixture I bought which is connecting black to black, white to white and there is a wire white and green to the bare wire, but it didnt work.

so we have tried all the possible way to connect and twist the wires together but nothing worked. So we thought the switch might be bad. We bought new switch, still didnt work. So we use one of the circuit tester, (the one that looks like a screw driver and inside is a small light bulb). We tested the wires coming out for the switch, 3 Black wires, 1 or 2 wires light up the tester (2 of them are twisted together, dont know which of it lights up the tester) but the 3rd black wire is not lighting up the tester. And then we test the wires coming out from the ceiling for the light fixture, 1 black, 1 white, 1 bare, nothing lights up the tester.

Are the wires or at least 1 of the wires from the ceiling should be a hot wire? if so is it the problem that the light fixture is not working? Does that mean the circuit in between the switch and ceiling is bad? then if i will have to hire an electrician, does the person need to take a piece of my ceiling out in order to find out the circuit problem?
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I doubt very much that there is anything wrong with the wires or the switch. The problem is that you don't know how to connect the wires. Ignore the directions that come with the light.

What you need to do is to connect the new light in the same manner the old light was connected. Too bad your mother didn't pay attention when she removed the old light. However, this is a common problem, people doing things they should not be doing.

I hope that you didn't make the same mistake with the switch.

Tell us ALL the wires at the switch and at the ceiling and how they are connected. Connected to each other, to the switch, to whatever. We need to know colors, cables, etc.

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