when does a main panel become a subpanel


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when does a main panel become a subpanel

My parents 50 y/o fuse box is some 40 feet away from the meter. Of more recent vintage is a 6 place outdoor breaker panel added for some new, 240v loads. One of the breakers feeds the original fuse box. Did this newer panel make the original a subpanel? Is there a Code option on whether to bond the neutral to ground at the new panel (assume no 120v loads here)? The grounds and neutral were NOT split up on the original fuse box, so I want to know if there is a problem here.
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The neutral and the ground should be connected together in only one place in the system. This is generally the main panel, but can sometimes be at the meter.

More information is needed before any comments are made as to how to correct this situation.

How many wires run from the new main panel to the fuse box? What wires (if any) are grounded to a ground rod (or two) and/or to the metal water pipes and/or to anything else?

Are the ground and neutral connected together at the new main panel?

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