Problems wiring for a range/stove


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Question Problems wiring for a range/stove

Hi there...

We have an 50 + year old house, and we are renovating our kitchen. We took out an ancient wall oven which was hard wired. We then went to install a range outlet, and found that the original wiring is not grounded.

Now what? Can we run a copper wire from the range box to a pre-existing juntion box and tap into the ground there? We don't want to completely rewire for the stove if we can avoid it.

Any other suggestions? Thanks in advance for your help!
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You may have no choice but to rewire.

First, regarding the ground. The ground wire needs to be as large as the hot wires. It is sized to carry fault current, and fault current can be as high as the current on either hot wire. This means tapping a nearby junction box won't help.

Then you have the circuit size to worry about. The breaker and wires serving a wall oven are generally not large enough to serve a range. The range will need either a 40 amp or perhaps even a 50 amp circuit. The old wall oven circuit may only be 30 amps.

Finally, you want to install a receptacle. You need to install a four wire receptacle. This means you need a ground.

Replace the existing wire. At 50 years old, it likely needs to be replaced anyway.
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Well poop...I was afraid you would say that! I have told my DH that would probably be the best idea anyway, but he was hoping for an easier solution...thanks so much!

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