tracing a switch for a light


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tracing a switch for a light

A friend of mine bought a big house and we are having trouble locating a switch for a outside do i go about tracing this...the light is up pretty high...thanks
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There may not be a switch. It may be motion activated, possibly in combination with it also being on a light sensor, so it only activates at night.

You should already know what circuit breaker it is on (assuming that it is on at some point in time). I say this because your friend should have already completely mapped out what is on each circuit breaker. If he or she has not done this, then do so first.

Then try to find a switch close to the other items on the same breaker.

If that doesn't work, then climb into the attic or crawl space and follow the cable as best as possible. You may be able to figure out which wall the switch is located on.

Finally, you can also try to follow the cable from the other direction, from the circuit breaker panel.

If all else fails, ask the previous owner. If the previous owner is still local, you might even start there.

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in some case i did see some floodlight are on it own circuit also.

i work on quite few house and commercal building and sometime you will find the timer or switching device [ can be relay or photocell controller ] and sometime have more than one floodlight or secteury lumiaire on the one circuit.

so if you can't find the switch then plan to flip the breaker soemtime you will get lucky there.

Merci, Marc

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