Bathroom switch and outlet wiring


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Bathroom switch and outlet wiring

In the process of remoldeling, and replacing some wiring, and seem to have missed something.

We have a 2 gang box with 12/2 coming in for an outlet and switch (there is also 12/2 that runs out to another room).
There is 12/3 running from the switch to the light fixture. We have replaced the old outlet with a GFCI.

Somehow we've managed to miswire somwhere and the light is now always on when we switch on the breaker. Throwing the switch does nothing.

I can't seem to find anything/where that would lay out how it should be wired. Or maybe I just don't know what to search for. Help?
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> Somehow we've managed to miswire somwhere

You should have written down exactly how it was wired or photographed it.

Can you provide close-up photos of what you have now?
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I have more bad news.

Since you are remodeling, you need to bring the bathroom up to code. That means the bathroom needs a circuit by itself. You need a new circuit.

As for your problem, you need to wire the everything just as it was. You should have taken pictures. You also haven't provided enough information to help you.
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Nevermind, everything's working fine now.

Turns out everything at the switch and outlet was wired as it should have been. Problem was at the fixture end.

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