Laptop A/C Adapter...


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Laptop A/C Adapter...

I've had a problem with the charger on my notebook (HP Pavilion ZV6170CA). It's only 8 months old (got it in October) but around the beginning of January, the tip of the A/C adapter; the bit that plugs into the computer to charge it started to rip and would shoot sparks. I called HP and they replaced it without problems. This time, I was careful, because I've also got an HP printer with the same problem, and made sure not to bend it or anything and it ripped again yesterday ...I'm not sure if they will replace it, and even if they do, it will probably do the same thing, so is there a way for me to fix it on my own?...If not, is there a way to preserve the next one so that it lasts for at least a year?

Any help is appreciated, and thanks in advance

Oh right, here are some pictures of what's going on, because I probably didn't explain too well...

Not the greatest quality, but the best I could do...
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First, attmpt to have HP replace it.

If they replace it, then place a piece of shrink tubing over the end of the connector and cable ans shirnk it around the connector and cable. The idea is that you want to eliminate the strain on the connection.

If they won't replace it then buy a new connector with cable attached madew for your unit, and then add the shrink tubing.
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Thanks for the quick reply, but I'm not sure if that's going to work, because here's the way it's done: the negative is wrapped by some sort of insulation thing, and on the other side of the insulator is the positive/negative cable, and when the insulation rips, and sparks start to shoot out...Here's the best I can do to describe it:

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It does appear that the problem is inadequate strain relief.
Therefore, reinforcement sounds like a good preventative measure.

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