replacement of Federal Pacific Panel


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replacement of Federal Pacific Panel

Hi, I have a 100amp Federal Pacific Stab-Loc panel which I want to replace. I had an electrician come out to do an estimate and he said that the box should be upgraded to 200amp and that the main needed to be moved outside closer to the meter, making the panel a sub panel,as the panel is too far away from the meter per code. We had just simply hoped that we could replace the 100amp panel as is, not incurring the cost of a 200amp upgrade and moving the main. We live in New Jersey. Any advice would be much appreciated. THANK YOU!
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"should be upgraded to 200 amp" does not mean "must be upgraded to 200 amp".

Did the electrician do a load calculation to come up with 200 amps, or did he or she just make that statement? Sometimes it is obvious, such as if there are a large number of 240 volt loads and if the house is large, but other times it is not so obvious.

My advice is to get at least two more estimates from other electricians. Do not prejudice their estimate by mentioning what the first electrician told you.

When you have at least three estimates you can then go back and question any one of them as to why they are or are not including a 200 amp upgrade when others are not or are. Ditto with moving the panel.

Finally, you can always ask the person who will be inspecting the final job what the rules are on moving the panel where you live.
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I agree with racraft

I would agree with racraft. If you are not in a hurry, do some homework. Get in contact with the inspector in your jurisdiction and communicate with your intentions. I'm sure he'll be more than glad to assist you with any code specs. As for your electrician, he may tell you that he needs to move the panel closer because of code specs. (I'm not familiar with NJ codes and building codes) but rather he doesn't feel like doing the grunt work to replace your panel inside. It's a lot easier doing outside in the open. As said before by racraft, shop around and take your time. It might be wise to upgrade your panel to 125amp or 150amp just for the sake that we use more energy in todays world (computers, printers, microwaves, icemakers just to name a few) Find someone who will work with you.

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