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I was stunned to receive such rudness in an exchange forum such as this. Thanks to those who stepped in.
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Sorry that I did not step in. I should have edited the posts appropriately. I will try to be more on top of things. In the mean time, do not hesitate to post with other questions. The only dumb questions are those that you don't ask.

Most of us will politely tell you if we think you are in over your head. In this case you received correct advice, but you also received some rude feedback.

As for your wiring, may I suggest that you pick up and read the paperback book Wiring Simplified. It is available at the big box stores, and will help you with basic wiring techniques, etc. Not that we mind helping you, but you can sometimes get answers faster by looking in the book, and the book won't be rude to you, at least not that one anyway.
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Also try this

I'm glad we could help out and don't worry about the rude ones as we don't. Just know that there some of us, that will take the time to help. There's a book, I would like to suggest for you. It's called "WIRING a house" . I find this book is great for the novice and the professionals. It's full of illustrations and troubleshooting techniques and so forth. It won't turn you into an electrician for that takes training and experience, but it will help you out with basic knowledge. Remember ASK QUESTIONS, this forum is the best tool to have on hand. By the way, I found the book on the website from the company tauton and author Rex Cauldwell.

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