Hot Water FMC


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Hot Water FMC

Hi all,

I'm installing a hot water heater and need to protect the NMD for the last 4 feet of the run to the tank.

My problem is I can only get the 12/2 nmd about 2 feet into the greenfield. I'm using 7/16" FMC which is apearently the right size for 12/2 nmd.

Should I strip the 12/2 outer sheathing back 4 feet? That would make it real easy. Or should I try some KY on the 12/2?

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Not quite sure why you need to protect the NM-B, could you elaborate?

Most water heaters require a 240V, 30 amp circuit fed by 10 ga. wire. Are you sure that 12-2 is correct for your unit?
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I need to protect the cable because it is in the open. (exposed to mechanical injury)

The heater consists of 2 3kw elements with the internal thermostat only allowing one element to operate at a time.

3000/240 = 12.5 amps

The question is how to get the flex cable over the loomex?

I can only pull it over around 2 ft of cable.
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I'm not a fan of putting solid wire into appliances, though I don't know of a specific code reference that prohibits it. I terminate the NM into a box near the EWH, then use flex with stranded THHN into the EWH.
If you have drywall here, then exposed NM shooting out of drywall is poor form; even if you have exposed studs, then put in a Jbox.
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Thanks Telecom guy, that sounds like a good way to do it.

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