Basement remodel


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Basement remodel

A few questions on a basement remodel job I am attempting
1- I am putting in 2 fan heaters in my basement they are 240 volt 4000 watt, I have 10-3 romex ran for them, is this overkill and I will only need 2 wires so do I just cap the white off?
2- I will be drywalling the ceiling and drilled holes through the joists in some holes I have 3 wires going through is this kosher? or am I limited to 2. I am at least 1 and half inches high so as not to hit the wires with a screw and when runnig the wires along the inside of the joist is there any rules about how far apart wire staples should be and how big they should be?
3- I ran 14-2 for recessed lights I have 7 lights on one and 5 on the other circuit the dimmer swiches are rated for 600 watts is this fine?
4- For the outlets I ran 12-2 is there a minimum height they need to be from the floor? I plan on making the first one in the circuit gfci and run about 8 to 10 outlets using 2 circuits.
5- I also ran a dedicated circuit for use for a refridgerator do I need to or can I run the fridge off one of the other circuits. there will only be beer in the fridge (haha)
6- Also when wiring the outlets do I need to pigtail the grounds having 1 wire going to the outlet ground or can I just put both ground wires screwed to the outlet ground screw.
Thanks for your help
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1. What size circuit breaker and what size wire does the manufacturer specify? You cap the white wire on both ends, as it is unneeded.

2. Most people prefer you limit to two cables per hole. Is the hole large enough to prevent damage to the cables?

3. IT all depends on what size bulbs go in the lamps. 600 watts means you can't expect to use seven 100 watt bulbs.

4. No minimum height. GFCI protection is not required if the basement is finished.

5. You don;t need a dedicated circuit for the refrigerator, but it doesn't hurt. I would have put it on it's own circuit, as you did.

6. Two wires are not allowed under one screw. You must pigtail.

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