LB fitting: Junction box or just as pull?


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LB fitting: Junction box or just as pull?

Can one use an LB/LR/LL fitting in plastic conduit for a junction box outdoors, or is the removeable, gasketed plate only for the conveinience of pulling cable? UF type cable.

Thanks for your time.
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Permission to use conduit bodies for splices is relatively new, but you _can_ do this with restrictions.

Basically you are required to provide sufficient space for your splices, and conduit bodies are quite small. So you may only use conduit bodies that are marked with their internal volume, and you have to follow all of the box fill rules. Net result is that you can splice in a conduit body, but unless this is a big conduit and body, you won't get many splices into the thing.

See for a much better discussion of the issues.

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Only if it is large enough.

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