Replacing light fixtures


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Replacing light fixtures

I've replaced three light fixtures. All three lights are on one switch. Two are working fine but the third one stays on all the time. In the box there are two white wires together, two black wires together, a black and a white together and two red together. I put the black wire from the light to the two blacks and the white wire from the light to the two whites. The ground from the light is on the ground in the box (the screw that has copper wire around it). I've never run into this before. My husband is no help as he is hates electricity.
Any thoughts?
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One of those cables in that box goes to the switch and another comes from an always-on cable that is supposed to feed the switch first. You replaced a fixture without remembering exactly which wires went where, didn't you? It's not always blacks-to-blacks, whites-to-whites, especially on switched lights.

The power black needs to feed the white to the switch, then the black from the switch needs to feed the black of the light and loop to the other blacks of the other lights. The OTHER whites are tied together.
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Replacing light fixture

Thanks Mac
Once I removed the old fixture and saw all those wires I sorta lost my mind. Changed the wiring as per your instructions and all is well.

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