Move the fuse box


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Move the fuse box

Hello, I just moved into a condominium and want to do some remodeling work that involves enlarging the walk-in closet. Unfortunately, the wall that I want to remove has the fuse box on it. We have a few electrical jobs to hire an electrian for anyway, so I wonder if this is something that the electrician can do. Any advice about hiring an electrician, what to ask them and whether upgrading to a breaker panel would be appreciated. Also how much this will cost. The fuse box would only need to be moved to the new, adjoining wall inches from where it currently is. Thanks, Mary
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Are you prepared to hear a number around $1000 just for the labor involved in moving the electrical panel those few inches? Seems like you really want to move that wall!

How big is the condo? How big is the number written on your main breaker?

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Replacing a fuse box with a circuit breaker panel is relatively easy, at least compared to replacing the panel and moving it while doing so.

Yes, this is something that an electrician can do, assuming that the new location you want is a permitted location.. But it may not be as easy as it seems or be able to be done without a log of work.

The main issue to be dealt with is that all the existing wires need to be routed to the new panel. If the cables reach you are fine. But if they don't reach then the cables either need to be replaced or extended. And any extension requires a permanently accessible junction box be installed.

I recommend that you have an electrician, or better yet three electricians, evaluate your present setup and provide their thoughts and estimates. Only by looking at the existing setup can you get the answer you need.
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Another potential issue is whether or not the cable feeding the current location will reach the new location. If it does not there may not be a practical means of replacing it back to the meter as it might be routed thru other units.
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Move the service panel

Thank you for your responses. My condo is 613 sq ft. The service panel has 2 fuses in it, one says 15 amp, the other 20 amp. I would only update the service panel if it was something I needed to do...I read some things online about how older fuse boxes could be dangerous. I'm not sure about the main's downstairs somewhere...I would like to move the panel so I can convert my studio into a junior 1 bedroom. I know that adding the room would add tremendously to the resale value of the condo. However, the box happens to be inconveniently placed on the wall I would need to move about 4 feet to accomodate a bed. I don't think that any extensions would be necessary, as it would be moved to an adjacent wall (1 foot away). I certainly plan on gathering quotes from at least 3 different electricians, but is it going to be as monstrously expensive as $1000? Also, should I have a list of other electrical repairs to do at the same time to save money? Thanks, Mary
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Whether or not the wires need to be extended or replaced depends entirely on how they are run. If they can reach the new location then they don;t have to be extended. If they don;t reach the new lcoation then they have to be extended or replaced. Until and unless you know exactly how they are run you cannot answer this question.

Yes, it will probably be cheaper to have an electrician out once to do all your work.
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Thanks for the advice

I appreciate your help, Engineer Bob! I won't feel quite so stupid when I call the electricians now. I'll keep my fingers crossed that the lines are run the way I want them to...

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My condo is 613 sq ft. The service panel has 2 fuses in it, one says 15 amp, the other 20 amp.
Is that really enough for a condo in this day and age? Is it even enough for a kitchen in this day and age? Sure it may be grandfathered but if he is going to move the box shouldn't he consider updating? Not an expert but just a thought. Even if no new wiring was run wouldn't the possible future need be worth it?

Just some crystal ball thoughts. Do you really need to remove the whole wall? If the service cable runs through the wall could you live with leaving about eighteen inches of wall on one side and moving the box in the direction the service cable originates from? If the wires come into the box from above could you live with a visible junction box cover in the ceiling? If from the bottom and code permits could you live with a junction box in the floor?

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