Welder recepts


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Welder recepts

Where is the code reference about multiple welder recepts on the same circuit? This is not for industrial but residential garages. As I recall there was an allowance for 2 recepts on one circuit provided that it was for convenience and not for multiple machines. I seems I read this more than once but cant recall where it is.
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I don't know it it is specifically permitted. In NEC 210.23(B) it is not prohibited.
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I donít think there is anything in the NEC just as you put it.

Section 210.3 permits multioutlet branch circuits up to 50 amps. (There is an exception for circuits over 50 amps that does not apply to residential installations.)

For dwelling units, section 210.23(C) only permits 40 and 50 amp multioutlet circuits to supply cooking appliances that are fastened in place. The AHJ may consider an attached garage part of the dwelling unit.

210.23(B) allows 30 amp multioutlet circuits, other than for lighting, in any occupancy.
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Welders are covered in Article 630 of the NEC. A quick cursory look (it's only a couple of pages) did not immediately reveal anything about multiple outlets on a single circuit.

Of course the code does not allow for "pick and choose" interpretation and the article on welders is meant primarily for industrial locations. Because you are asking about a residential installation you will also have to conform to any limitations dealing with residences.

Your LOCAL code authority is the place for the answer.
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I recall John Nelson discussing this with a reference a while back. Acording to 210.23 it would not be permisable to hook 2 50A machines because obviously the load would be greater than 50A, it would be like hooking 2 ranges to a single circuit but it may permit hooking more than one outlet for 2 machines provided neither was more than 20A on one and 30A on the other? This is a theroretical question for the most part and we were looking for the code refrence if we could find it. I havnt been on this forum lately but it seems it was here that John elaborated on this and I could be mistaken but it just seems there was somewhere it was written and it seems I have run across it but it eludes me. Could also be wrong.

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