Home Wiring through Air Condition Return


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Question Home Wiring through Air Condition Return

I just purchased a house and the home inspector identified that a previous owner ran all the electrical wiring through the air condition return duct (a hole was cut into the duct and wires run through it into the attic, then down the exterior wall to the breaker panel). I know this is not to spec, but I am unsure of the associated hazards. Any feedback would be appreciated.

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Please describe what you mean by "through the air condition return duct."
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IF the wire running through the duct is "Plenum Rated (which I seriously doubt) it is okay.

If the wiring is NOT plenum rated then it is a problem and needs to be addressed.
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The hazrd involved is the smoke and fumes traveling through the ventilation system in the event the wire burns due to a short, or in the event of a fire in the duct from other causes. There is also concern about the wire jacket material helping to spread a fire to other areas of the house.

Plenum rated cable has a jacket that meets certain requirements for flame retardance and low smoke production.

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