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Question New Wiring project

I want to hard wire my new pond outside. Unfortunately, this new house I bought, the electrical box is on the other side of the house. My first idea was to wire it all underground. Then I was told by the HomeDepot guy that I had to go down 18 inches to be legal.

I have decided to run it in pvc pipe around the back of my house. I have the circut for it and even the hole in the wall for the piping to go through. My questions is, I did not want a little plug in box next the the pond and was trying to find a utility box to plug everything in and sheild all plugs from the weather. I am having a hard time finding a BIG box to handle all the connections and maybe a main shut off switch.

The run would be about 150 ft through pvc coming of a normal 30 amp switch inside my house. Any suggestions or ideas ?
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Unless you install a sub panel you will not use a 30 amp breaker. The max size would be 20 amps. However, you could do a multi wire circuit which would mean essentially two 20 amp 120 volt circuits. (Unless the pump specifically requires a 30 amp circuit.)

You still need to bury the conduit, at least after you leave the side of the house.

You need GFCI protection.

There are other things you need.

Read a book or three on home wiring before going any further.

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