how to determine which cable is which


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how to determine which cable is which

i have a bathroom that has two lights and a switch for each. i am replacing the one light in the center of the room with a light/exhaust fan combo. when i took the light down and looked in the receptacle box i saw that there are 3 cables going into the box and the wires from them are wired together in a certain combination and finally the black and white that are left are connected to the light. now my guess is that one cable is power, one is the switch, and the other goes to the second light in the room. but i don't know which cable is which so i don't know how to wire my new fan (im still using only one switch so it will control both the light and the fan at the same time). should i just keep it wired the same way it is and simply use the wires that went to the old light in the new one?
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Yes. If the old light was switched and you want the new light and fan to both be switched, then it does not matter what the wires in the box are for. Just use the two wires (and the ground) that were connected to the old light.

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