Conduit btwn Meter socket and Main disconnect


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Conduit btwn Meter socket and Main disconnect

Can I use PVC conduit for this short run, say 1'? County code inspector says "Follow NEC." Thanks.

The meter base and main disconnect will be mounted side by side on 2" x 8" PT boards bolted on 4" x 4" PT posts. Power company will bring in underground powerlines to the meter base. Outdoor.
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PVC is allowed, but only schedule 80. Schedule 40 is not enough protection.

230.50 (A) Protection of Open Conductors and Cables Against Damage - Above Ground Service Cables.

Service entrance conductors, where subject to physical damage, shall be protected by any of the following:

(1) Rigid metal conduit
(2) Intermediate metal conduit
(3) Schedule 80 rigid nonmetallic conduit (PVC)
(4) Electrical metallic tubing
(5) Other approved means
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Thanks for the quick reply.
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the other thing here it got my atteion is the post will be tempoery or perment ??

if perment post set up i am sure most poco will ask for 4x6 post it more stronger this way but i will suggest to check with your poco for regulations for meter height and type etc etc ,,

and other thing is make sure you have bushing on the male threads if you dont have bushing you can get red tagged many inspectors get pretty picky on this one.

Merci, Marc

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