plaster wall receptacle installation


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plaster wall receptacle installation

i need suggestions please please help

We have an 85 year old house, almost all walls are plaster. As a result, there are few outlets in each room, and the ones that are there are externally mounted (not flush into the wall).

We have trim around the floor that is probably 4-6 inches high.

I would like to keep everything uniform and mount above the trim into the wall itself. Some receptacles are in the trim themselves.

For second floor, one suggestion was to make a chase in the corner, run a wire behind the trim, then up to the receptacles. Since it is plaster, how do i get the wire behind the wall?
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A house that old might be balloon framed which means you might be able go from the basement to the second floor inside the walls. Start in the basement and fish the wire up into the wall.
You could also remove some of the baseboard to gain access to the wall cavity.
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If there is a wall cavity. I have seen plaster directly on the exterior brick walls.
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My frame house with brick veneer, built in 1926, was not hard. Yours (1921?) may be similar, but you will need to determine this, as it is critical. If the walls are solid, or have firestops at mid-floor, more work is involved. As previously mentioned you can often get to the second floor thru the wall cavities and you can often check around plumbing, radiator pipes and forced-air vents to see what you've got.

Here's my top-of-the-line suggestion: Figure out where you need boxes, then have somebody with a really good infrared camera, such as an energy auditor, come to your house and look at the walls. The camera will clearly show the framing behind the walls as long as there's a temperature differential between inside and outside.

I'd recommend a nice holesaw set for the lath and plaster, wood bits for the framing, a good tape measure, nylon string, some large nuts or fishing weights to run the string thru holes, a fish tape, spackling and so on.

Happy fishing!

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