Bad receptacle?


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Bad receptacle?

I have a dual socket wall receptacle, where 1 socket works and the other does not. This receptacle used to be controlled by a wall switch, but I disconnected the switch and disconnected the red wire from the receptacle. Is this one socket just bad or is the problem something else?
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Could be, but not likely. Duplex outlets are designed so that each socket can be on separate circuits. Like one socket hot all the time and the other socket controlled by a switch. When that is done there is a connecting 'tab' on each side of the duplex outlet that can be snipped off, isolating each socket from each other. See if that is the case in your situation.
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It sounds as if mdtaylor is probably correct.
There is a code requirement for a switched recep in certain circumstances. Be sure you are not required to have this switched recep.

The other thing;
if the tab is broken as the other posted suggested, you can either use a jumper wire between the 2 brass colored screws and if there was moe than one white wire, remove one and wire nut it and install a jumper between the two silver screws.

Or; you can just replace the recep with one with the jumper tabs in place.

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