How to wire an always on receptical off a light fixture?


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How to wire an always on receptical off a light fixture?

I have a semi unfinished (just dry wall) bonus room in my new house and I'm pretty new to dyi home wireing. I was hoping someone could help.

Current state. There is only 1 switch in the room which turns on the power to the light in the center of the ceiling. All of the other recepticals are at floor level.

What I would like to do is add 3 lines of track lighting 2 to the sides and one in the center and add a receptical in the center. (This is a theater room and a projector will be hung from the celing).

1. Is it ok to splice off the 1 celing wire and connect it to 3 track lighting units.

2. Can you make the receptical constant power off that same line or do I need to run another?

Thank you a head. I can provide some links to pictures if that would help.

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I would suggest running a seperate circuit for the projector circuit. Some of these can be a considerable load by themselves.

You can tie the track light into the other lighting cicuit IF the total will not exceed the circuit rating. Be aware that that circuit may feed lighting in other rooms of the house as well.

In addition you could enlarge the switch box to accept 2 switches and control the track lighting independantly of the main lighting. Again using the same circuit (if adequate rating and load) or bringing another circuit to this box.

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