Wiring a new room


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Wiring a new room

Im kinda new at this but here goes! I built a new room in my basement, I know how to do all it takes except wiring. I just hooked up the phone lines and cable but am getting concerned when it comes to power. The room looks like this.....
Mainline in to outlet M====O===O====O===O===O===Switch==L==L==L==L
It runs through a in and out type system to a light switch which I planned to run from there to four recessed lights. I guess my question is should I pigtail each outlet or use both sets of screws on each outlet? I know on the light switch Ill have to pigtail because there is only one set of screws. Also if I dont pigtail which ground do I hook up, the line coming in to outlet or the line going out? Thanks to whoever can help me!

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It is common practice to pigtail the neutrals on receptacles. The theory behind this is if one is taken out of the loop, even unintentionally, the neutral is still viable to the rest of the loop.
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All the grounds need to be pigtailed together and attached to each switch or receptacle.

Either pigtailing or using the 2 screws is acceptacle. Be sure to only have 1 wire under a screw.

At the switch you will need to splice the 2 white wires together and cover with a wire nut. The 2 blacks will attach to the 2 screws on the switch.
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I strongly suggest that you do some reading before you undertake this project. Your comment about the light switch needing to be pigtailed because it has one set of screws is incorrect. Neutrals don't get attached to normal toggle switches, so no pigtail is needed, except for the grounds.

You will learn quite a bit from reading that you don;t even realize you don't know, and that you need to know. You won't pass inspection if you don't understand and follow the rules.

As for the grounds, I recommend the type of wire nut that allows one wire to extend through the wire nut. Then you don't need to add a pigtail.

As for the receptacles, you can pigtail or not for the hot and neutral wires. With only two wires to connect, you don't need to pigtail. You can connect one wire to each screw and then deal with the grounds.

Larry's comment about pigtailing the neutrals doesn't really apply here. If you pigtail the neutrals, but not the hots then removing the receptacle breaks the circuit, so you didn't gain anything. I do recommend the same for both hot and neutral, either pigtail or use the screws.

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