Shorted switch?


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Shorted switch?

I think I have a light switch that shorted. It's in our bathroom, and is a three button switch. The bathroom has a one piece lamp/heater/exhaust fan. The top button on the switch controls the light (and the other outlet in the room). The middle switch controls the heater, and the bottom the fan. Last night my wife went into the bathroom and upon turning the light on the bulb (filament) blew. The other two buttons were inoperable after this. Replaced the bulb (per the 'go simple first' rule) and nothing. The breaker did *not* trip. I reset the breaker anyway; no change. There was no pop or smoke or anything from the wall switch itself, and nothing seems amiss with the fan fixture. Nothing else on that or any other circuit in the house is affected. Does this sound like the wall switch "went"?

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More likely a weak connection opened. Check all the connections on the circuit, starting with the switch.
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Eek. Hopefully, at the switch. The switch was last replaced in 2000 when we bought the house (old switch was not up to code and was replaced by previous owners). Something opening up at the switch would be most easy.


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