Question regarding commercial dialless electric meters


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Question regarding commercial dialless electric meters

The building has 440, 277, etc.It reads Kw, KwH, Kvar..and stuff like that. The meter flashes triangular arrows and the numbers pop up under the glass. The Kw reads have to be multiplied X 40.

But if one is monitoring a commercial building that has such a meter, and trying to experiment with various equipment that is drawing on the system to see how to save there a way with one of these meters, to see if you are cutting back on the wattage, and to what extent you are? you obviously can do with the visible house type spin dial types?

Is anyone here real savvy with these types of meters?

I do understand this part, regarding them: The billing from the power company breaks down the useage into two parts. You are billed at about 1/2 the going house rate for actual Kw useage. But then you are charged this astronomical fee based on your peak demand for the month. If you can manage to keep off some high useage equipment, you will really save money. But, all it takes is for you to turn on every a/c, every exhaust blower, all 58 X 1000 watt bulbs, to have one trade show in the month where each vendor has a power cord in use, and...yipes...just for that one day, the peak demand can sky rocket and like waste every accomplishment that was attempted in the month to try and conserve on energy.
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Not 100% sure but I believe the Kw reading is an instantaneous reading. This would indicate usage at the moment.

The other thing that is very critical in industrial situations is power factor correction. POCO's charge extra for bad pf.
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The digital meters typically provide instantaneous kW readings, so you could experiment.

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