Electrical outlet in garden

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Electrical outlet in garden

I need to install an outdoor electrical outlet in the garden for a future lighting & fountain project. I know the receptical must be a GCFI outlet. I am going to trench from the garden to the side of the house and install 1/2" or 3/4" PVC pipe and fittings. I am going to run wire from the outlet back to a new breaker in the main panel. here are my questions:

1. code says the outlets shall be at least 12" above the ground. how can i make this happen? is there a special outdoor box with a stake on it?

2. what kind of wire should I use for this application? Is romex wire ok for in the PVC conduit? The total length from house wall to garden will not be more than 15 feet.

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1. Install a 4x4 (or larger) post in the ground. Attach the conduit and the weatherproof box and in use cover to the post.

2. NM type wire (of which Romex is one trade name) is NOT suitable outdoors, even in conduit. Use individual conductors of type THWN (usually dual rated THHN/THWN). You could use UF cable, but many people frown on UF cable in conduit.

Make your trench two feet deep. I suggest 12 gage wire and a 20 amp breaker.
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1. I used a section of uni-strut. Dug a hole about 10"X10" by 24" deep. Drove it in the ground and poured concrete in the hole and covered it with dirt. Then screwed the outdoor rated outlet box to it. The inspecor loved it.

2. You can't use romex. It must be seperate stranded conductors like THHN.

You have to go pretty deep with the pvc, I used rigid pipe since I had to go about 30' and had to dig it by hand. It only has to be like 8" when you use rigid. One of these guys that have the code imbedded in their head will know the depths.

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